Raana Sheikh 1977
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Since the last 20 years Ms. Sheikh has specialised in crime.  Raana Sheikh has a busy defence practice.
Her practice to-day concentrates on substantial cases involving serious organised crime, principally (but not exclusively) in the area of fraud, where the mastery of huge volumes of complicated evidence and the obtaining of a strategic overview of a case is essential.
She has very extensive experience in cases involving commercial fraud, drugs, duty evasion, confiscation and complex disclosure. She has recently defended in murder, gang related and sex cases.
Ms. Sheikh’s formidable cross-examination and her persuasive address to the jury guarantees her outstanding outstanding results.
In addition Ms. Sheikh’s ability to communicate in a number of languages puts her in an enviable position.  Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Arabic and French.
She has also been leading counsel for the past 20 years, below are just some of the more notable cases in the past 4 years.
Notable Cases
Mortgage Fraud - Defence
•     R v D (2012) An exceptionally sophisticated mortgage fraud.  It involved frauds in the U.K., Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh.  The fraud centered on two building societies in the UK, the Abbey National and Birmingham Midshires, but involved other banks and businesses such as Barclays Bank and various solicitors firms.
•     R v R (2011) An extremely complex mortgage fraud.  The case centered on a Solicitor who was charge with over 200 mortgage frauds.
Sophisticated Fraud & Money Laundering
•     R v D (2010/2011)
•     R v H (2011) These cases were exceptionally complex and involved a Major Organised Crime Network involved in the production of cannabis of industrial quantities at different, often residential properties throughout the UK and Ireland.  There were a international aspect of the cases as companies in China and Holland were involved in the investigation.  The number of prosecution pages was in excess of 250,000 pages.
IT Fraud
•     R v P (2011) This case concerned the systematic, sophisticated, highly lucrative fraud attacking the heart of the UK banking industry.  The pages of evidence was in excess of 26,000 pages.
Fraud against Telephone company
•     R v S (2013)
Drugs & Money laundering
•     R v S (2013) This was an extremely complex case involving an Albanian Criminal Network.  The aim was the supply of Class A drugs of industrial quantities.  Under the guise of Operation Ninjask, it was linked with Operations Montecarl, Briary, Prelacy and Aloof, it lead to the seizure of 1.5 tons of Class A drugs.
Banking Fraud
•     R v R (2011) This case involved a concerted attack on the self assessment tax system.  It was a fraud on the tax system and used Eastern European names to make multiple applications from the same addresses.  Over 12,000 pages of prosecution evidence.
Firearms and Serious Assault
•     R v K (2010)
•     R v M (2011/2012)
Perverting the Course of Justice
•     R v L (2012)
•     R v K (2013)
Murder cases
•     R v O (2009)
•     R v A (2010)
•     R v L (2010)
•     R v R (2011)
•     R v B (2011/2012) This case was a complex Murder case where investigations started in 2006 under Operation Bevelle.  It was classed as an honour killing.
•     R v A (2013) The Defendant was charged with others of serious sexual offences. This was a high profile case of grave concern and in the interests of justice called Operation Al Paso.  This case attracted the media and at the conclusion of the case the Judge entered verdicts of Not Guilty on all 28 Counts in the indictment
•     R v A (2013)
•     R v T (2012)
•     R v P (2012) This was an extremely sensitive case where the Defendant was charged with abusing his step-daughter.
Cases giving rise to widespread public concern requiring specialized knowledge and involving a significant international dimension, accountancy and investigation skills
•     R v P (2011/2012)
•     R v O’D (2011/2012)
•     T v J (2013)




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