Mr Sente Masemola 1977
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Commercial property disputes. Breach of contract, forfeiture, lease renewal.
    • Private property disputes: Neighbours - extensions and boundary disputes, nuisance. Landlord and tenant disputes, illegal and retaliatory evictions, squatters, deposits, repairs, defences and counterclaims in possession cases;
    • Social-housing - disputes with public authorities - appeals against negative homelessness decisions, disrepair, eviction, anti-social behaviour, succession.
    • Criminal defence and prosecution in Magistrates courts; Crown Courts trials; interim hearings, sentencing and mitigation pleas.
    • Immigration – asylum interviews; injunction hearings, bail applications
    • Welfare Benefits and Mental Health Tribunals.

  • Education

    Southampton University
    Inns of Court School of Law; King’s College London, University of Law
    Inns of Court School of Law, London - BVC
    • Institute of Leadership and Management – Essential Management for Team Leaders

  • Contact Details

    020 7404 0875
    020 7404 8377

A wise and reliable advocate, whose mainly civil practice, has in the last three years involved appearances in a wide variety of courts and tribunals.  
Desirable development area:
·         Data–protection.  Intellectual property; passing-off, counterfeits, copyright or mark infringement, design rights; musician’s contracts and performance rights;
Other recent activity:
·         August 2018 invited to lead with on-going GDPR work in Chambers, having worked in the GDPR team which finalised the privacy policy in May 2018.
·         Drafted privacy policy for a charity’s GDPR compliance, accompanied by training of trustees in May 2018.
Case Samples
·         Business lease dispute. Opposition by 3rd party to forfeiture. Proprietary estoppel.  Settlement, with agreement for new lease (January 2018)
·         Construction:  contractual dispute with builder.  Settlement (2018)
·         Bankruptcy – advice and appearance where bankrupt threatened with loss of home. (2015)
·         s.8 Housing Act 1988 possession claim - landlord success (August 2018)
·         s.21 Housing Act 1988 acting for tenant - the landlord's case dismissed (June 2016)
·         Representing tenant. Local authority withdrawal of possession claim after  non-priority homelessness decision (27 April 2016)
·         Opinions drafted for Housing Ombudsman. Social landlord and tenant ( 2015-2016)
·         Commercial banking fraud – Opinion on merits. Buyer's contractual payment  fraudulently paid to wrong account, not the seller's. (2017)
·         Insurance claim - defence in rear-end-collision scam.(2017)
·         Successful defence and acquittal of train station supervisor accused of assault on female minor at station. (May 2018)
·         Positive defence and reduced plea negotiation (achieving no custodial sentence) - Benefit Fraud - Woolwich Crown Court (January 2017)
·         Successful prosecution and defeat of doctor's "scientific defence" over  laser speed camera operation in wet conditions (Oxford 2016)
·         Presented a "Special Reason” defence for motorway speeding, leading to Prosecution case-withdrawal. (May 2016)
·         Southwark Crown Court: ID/Immigration fraud.  Plea-in-mitigation secured a minimal detention of 2 months - without deportation, for imminent-father-to-be. (2015)