News Items from 12 Old Square

Re: Amirteymour -v- SSHD - COA Judgment

Michael Biggs acted for the Appellant, before LJ Beatson / LJ Ryder (SENIOR PRESIDENT OF TRIBUNALS) & LJ Sales - Herewith link:
Counsel has already started on Grounds to appeal to the Supreme Court.

R v Bamidele & Ors. [2017] - Huge Victory for Michael West

Operation Action, year long Met police investigation into complex, multi-handed (6 Defendants) conspiracy to defraud major train line operators case - Michael West secures the only acquittal at the end of the trial heard over 4 weeks at Blackfriars Crown Court.



Great victory in the COA for Zane Malik and Shahadoth Karim acting for the Appellant - Court of Appeal overrules Kareem/TA (Proxy Marriages) & allows this important appeal -

Natsai Manyarara - Newly Appointed Chair Of CEBA

12 OS Are Very Pleased To Announce That Ms Natsai Manyarara Has Been Elected Chair Of The Commonwealth In England Barristers' Association (CEBA) - Taking over From Simon Davenport QC

Anthony Philpott - Speaks at the Annunal Conference for International Inhouse Counsel Journal - 28/03/2017

Today at the Law Society, Panel member (Anthony Philpott) is a speaker on the above annual conference.