News Items from 12 Old Square

Permission Granted by the Upper Tribunal on the case of N Amirteymour

N Amirteymour's application for permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal has been granted by President & UT Judge McClusky,  Vice President of the UT Ockleton and Judge Rintur, as to whether Article 8 can be raised on the basis of a hypothetical removal in an appeal from an EEA Decision. Michael Biggs is Counsel for the Appellant.

Sorour Bassiri-Dezfouli - Joins Chambers

Chambers are delighted to announce that Sorour Bassiri-Dezfouli (2006 Call) has become our latest member to join Chambers, from Temple Court Chambers. Sorour will be a great addition to Chambers and undertakes Family / Immigration & Human Rights / Common Law - Please contact the clerks for further info.

Another Win For Mehtab Malhotra

Counsel successful in the Upper Tribunal again - Great Result for all! See Clerks for Further Info

Chambers Autumn Seminar - Friday 9th Oct 2015

Chambers are holding its Autumn Seminar on Civil / Crime / Family & Immigration on Friday 9th October 15 - with talks from Anthony Philpott, Michael Biggs, Lanre Oke, Ishan Dave, Onyoja Momoh, Parminder Saini, Shahadoth Karim & Zane Mailk - For further details on how to attend please contact the clerks.

Another Victory In Court Of Appeal

Another victory for Shahadoth Karim - Permission granted in the Court Of Appeal!