News Items from 12 Old Square

Fantastic Opportunity For Natasai Manyarara

Pleased To Announce That Natsai Manyarara Has Been Certified As An International Training Judge By The International Committee Of The Judicial College

Permission Granted For Shahadoth Karim

Shahadoth Karim was granted permission to the Court Of Appeal today - Great Result.

ChambersThe Most Important Test Case of 2016

Upper Tribunal's President, McCloskey J, will hear lead ETS/TOEIC scam appeals on 5-8 February 2016. Pleased that our Zane Malik & Michael Biggs are representing in these matters. For more details or updates please call the clerks.

Permission Granted In The UT

Victory - Shahadoth Karim was granted permission today at Field House - COA next step!

12OS Dominance Continues To The Supreme Court Again

Success again - Parminder Saini has obtained permission to appeal the judgement of Re: Agyarko & Ors -v- SSHD, Next step Supreme Court!
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